SOLARDEK makes fast work of flashing solar panels

New five-star energy efficiency rating legislation is already having an impact on plumbers who now find themselves fitting many more energy efficient products such as rainwater tanks and combination gas/solar hot water systems.

Australian manufacturer DEKS Industries anticipated that plumbers would soon be looking for a fast and effective way of flashing solar panel inlet and outlet pipes on tile roofs.    Their production team has come up with the purpose-designed SolarDek™.

In the past, solar panels on tile roofs tended to be flashed by fixing a rubber flashing to the tiles with silicone or even worse; just cutting a hole in the tile and slapping silicone around the pipe.   Not just messy and time consuming, these methods are callbacks just waiting to happen.   Silicone breaks down quickly when exposed to UV and tile movement can also make a silicone seal ineffective.

SolarDek™ combines a strong polymer cone with a protected-lead tray, which fits in five easy steps.   Plumbers simply have to cut the SolarDek™ cone to suit, feed the pipe through, slide the flashing under the tile above (adding a fold to stop water), form over the tile below, and insulate the pipe – job done.

SolarDek™ looks neat and clean on the roof, the protected-lead tray won’t stain or corrode gutters or down pipes and the produßct can be painted to match the roof colour.

DEKS Industries also make the Dektite® Mini which is ideal for flashing solar panels on metal roofs.

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