Lead may have been the reliable roofing staple for hundreds of years but its toxic properties have seen it banned from building use in many countries around the world. Queensland builders and plumbers are facing a similar ban and will need to find alternatives to lead sooner rather than later.

Advances in technology however have produced a new generation of materials that outperform the age-old mineral. One of these is Perform flexible roof flashing that is distributed exclusively in Australia through DEKS Industries.

Karl Whitten, National Sales And Marketing Manager for DEKS Industries says “Perform is almost identical to lead in terms of its functionality, but the similarity ends there when it comes to safety and ease of use.”

“Perform is more than 60% lighter than lead, for instance the 300mm roll weighs only about 4.5 kgs, and it has a 60% horizontal expansion capacity,” says Karl. “This material takes roof flashing to a whole new level.”

Perform is a lightweight composite made of stretchable aluminium which is moulded into a special type of polymer rubber. “The material is completely stable in shape and self-supporting. In fact it looks just like lead and can be treated just like lead.

But at a time when lead is considered the building pariah and health and safety concerns are influencing product decisions, Perform is the ideal material to replace it as a roof flashing “There is no leaching of chemicals or colouring agents with Perform and because it’s made from environmentally friendly materials there is no chance of handling contamination or contaminated water run-off. “Also because it’s a third of the weight of lead and easier to handle, it’s therefore quicker to install. There is a subsequent flow-on of cost savings for the user.”

As a roof flashing material, Perform is suitable for all roof shapes and types. It can be cut to size simply with a Stanley knife or tin snips and then shaped to fit the roof surface. The form stability increases over time and in most cases does not need fastening to the roofing after it has been shaped. It is also possible to fold over the edges of the material making it considerably stronger and more stable . If Perform is being mounted on walls nails or rivets should be used.

While Perform is delivered in grey, black and red it can be painted making it suitable for any colour roof and guaranteeing a good looking result that will have your customers smiling. “Add to that the 10 year warranty and you have a product that’s environmentally friendly, maintains the integrity of your roof and provides superior waterproofing qualities. It’s the roof flashing of the future,” says Karl Whitten.

Karl says Perform is already gaining a popular reputation and there has been an impressive response to its release onto the market.

Perform is available from all plumbing and hardware outlets and comes in various size rolls ranging from 250mm to 600mm. Next day delivery is available on all orders.

It can also be specially ordered in non standard sizes up to 1200mm rolls. Additionally, DEKS will soon be incorporating Perform into its Dektite roofing range to replace lead based products. This will provide a superior waterproof seal on any profiled sheet or pitch and eliminate the chance of leaks around roof penetrations.

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