Lead Free Flashing

Fast Flash

Lead Free Flashing
Fast Flash is ideal for anywhere requiring a quick and secure flashing solution.  Fast Flash can be installed on roofs with a slope of min. 5° and on almost all roof materials. Fast Flash is environmentally friendly and easy to install as the reverse is self- adhesive, as well as being flexible and very workable.  

Perform – Lead Free Flexible Roof Flashings

Lead Free Flashing
Use PERFORM flexible covering every time you want to carry out covering – ideal for flat and profiled roofing.  Just like lead, this material is a self-contained structure with a high dimensional stability which provides a “porous/ breathable” covering. Working with this material is very much like working with lead only it is even easier to use and shape because of the good stretching properties and low weight.

Dekstrip – Flashings

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Dekstrip expandable-edge flashing is the answer to flashing large, curved or awkward profiles and penetrations. It's ideal for square ducts, chimneys and skylights and is the fast, easy and most effective way to flash a bullnose.


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